Yoga Tips

Yoga and Bunions

November 11, 2020 Yoga Tips

As a yoga instructor and practitioner, something I have never thought about was how the shape of someone’s feet affect their stance and alignment – specifically when a person has bunions. In fact, in all my years practicing yoga in the classroom, I’ve never once heard a yoga instructor give someone a standing variation because their toes couldn’t touch. The only reason I even started thinking about it was because one day I was teaching my partner yoga and IRead More

Exclusivity in Yoga is a Problem

May 2, 2019 Opinion, Yoga Tips

When you think about yoga, who do you imagine going to or teaching a yoga class? I started my yoga journey in Shanghai, China, which I am grateful for. Now, I’m living in Colorado, and feel a bit frustrated at what I see here and what I’ve experienced. There doesn’t seem to be much diversity when it comes to the yoga industry, especially in the United States. When you go to a yoga studio, for the most part, both theRead More

Let’s Talk About Skeletal Differences and What That Means

February 19, 2019 Yoga Tips

Have you ever wondered why it’s taking you so long to get into hanumanasana? Or, why you can’t seem to contort your body into pretzel shapes? Our Skeletal Structures Vary There are many types of people in world and that means many variations in human bones. Each person will have a different range of motion according to the way their joints are shaped. So, no, there’s nothing wrong with you, or why after practicing for months or years, you can’tRead More

How do I begin doing yoga?

January 10, 2019 Yoga Tips

In a lot of the yoga groups that I follow, one of the main questions that seems to be asked almost every day is: “How do I begin doing yoga?”, or “How do I start doing yoga?”. First Steps The best way is to go to your local yoga studio and sign up for a beginner’s class. You can also spend some time talking to the teachers there. Do not underestimate going to a class and talking to someone inRead More